Split between two halves.

Never knowing which path to choose.

Love or lust, old or new.

A path to walk down alone and confused.

Hearts begins slowly beating cold.

Torn apart inside out is more than one person can hold.

Sometimes I don’t want tomorrow, just right now.


Oh, beauty is a…

Oh, beauty is a beguiling call to death and I’m addicted to the sweet pitch of its siren. That that starts sweet ends bitter, and that which starts bitter ends sweet.

One of the most notorious lines in the movie Rock N’ Rolla. It speaks so much truth. Beauty is something that always fools us. Everyone has this want and need to either be beautiful or to have something beautiful. In ways it is saying that something that starts out beautiful will end in ugliness and something that begins in ugliness may end in beauty. Sometimes this is very true in many cases. This is one of my favorite lines. Though the quote as a whole goes along a bad path there is definite meaning behind it.

One By One, They Do Fall

Falling is never something to be ashamed of. Get back up and do something about it. Some never get the chance to fall because they are too well protected. Surrounded by a barrier preventing them from falling. They will never get hurt. Those who do get hurt are the ones with the real protection. The protection that lets you fall but helps you get back up. Protection that gives leniency. The leniency is to better the fallen, have them learn that when you fall you will get scraped. To no longer get scraped means to be more cautious, more responsible. If you continue to fall the barrier will begin to close in more and more till there is no longer any room to breathe. Don’t let the barrier encompass you if you have the room to breath. Don’t let it suffocate you for your mistakes. Prove to the barrier that though you may fall, you always get back up. 


Something you can never get back once it’s lost. As hard as you try you can’t turn back, you can’t change anything that had happened. All we have is the ability to look forward. Make the best of what we have and not waste what little time we still have. The more we dwell on the past drains away the life we have left to live. Instead of allowing the past to consume your everyday life, drown you in sorrow for every little thing you couldn’t do, triumph over it. Appreciate the obstacles you faced while on this journey through life. Everything happens for a reason. Good or bad, everyone has to walk down the same path in one way or another. Everyone deserves to live a wonderful life but to peril in your past will only detract from the life you can live. Time is on your side but only if you pursue the opportunity.


Goodbyes are more than leaving. It is a loss of hope that you once held so close. It’s forgetting memories that you cared so much for. Goodbye means having to miss, having to hurt. A goodbye isn’t something easy, ever. It means leaving a part of yourself behind for someone else to pick up.

“Everyone cheat…

“Everyone cheats, I just didn’t know it.” Dave, Breaking Away

I just watched this movie in a class and this really spoke to me. It is true everyone does cheat. Maybe not on a test or something like that but everyone cheats themselves one way or another. It maybe they cheat themselves by telling themselves they aren’t good enough for something or that they can’t do something because they aren’t smart enough. Either way, anyone can relate to it. Big or small, each person has cheated themselves out of something. It something that has opened my eyes to things that I cheated myself out of doing.

Banned Books

Cooking and Booking

I find it so strange, that in a country that is founded and dependent on the rights of it citizens, can so blatantly defy the freedom of speech by banning countless books. There are many books out in the world that are banned from being sold or rented from libraries, schools, and public places all around the United States because their content is too sexual, has racial slurs, or for a number of other reasons. This saddens me greatly, to see and think that peoples hard work isn’t being allowed to be sold because people want to shelter others and delay the inevitable. To make matters worse, there are many very good and classic books that have been banned or highly challenged through out the country. Many books that should be read by people and have no business being shamed and tossed aside, simply over some people disagreeing with it’s…

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