Claim Yourself

Claim yourself

Don’t let anyone tell you who you can or can not be

What you are, or what you’re not,

Claim yourself.

Chose your destiny, don’t let it chose you.

Light or dark,

Claim yourself.


Beautiful Creatures

I just read Beautiful Creatures. It was such a great book. I’m not into the whole paranormal type of books but it was so interesting. I read the book in about a week, in between work, class, homework, and studying it was just that good. The whole timeĀ  every little detail was pretty much a cliff hanger. I didn’t want to put the book down at all it was so good. There are three more books to the series that I am definitely going to get because I want to know what is going to happen. For now I’ll be reading The Maze Runner. Reading has become such a big part in my college life. I used to read occasionally because I did like to read I was just very slow and picky about what I read but ever since I’ve gotten here I’ve been reading about a book a week or so.