Favorite Books

I am a huge reader and I am constantly looking for new authors to read. Some of my all time favorite books have been school books such as How to Kill a Mockingbird, A Catcher in the Rye, and Animal Farm. Something, well, more like someone, who has captured my love for reading has been Ellen Hopkins. Though she writes teen fiction and I am not 100% for it she is the reason why I began loving to read so much. Every single one of her stories has left me in tears. They have left me with something to think about for the future and thinks to relive from my past. It is because of her, even though my life isn’t perfect, that I don’t have it so bad and there is always something left to live for and to look forward to in the future. Her books have given me hope to stay strong and make smarter decisions. I may be a smart girl but being smart doesn’t always lead to smart decisions. She inspired me to write in general, not about teen fiction or any kind of fiction, but about myself and my story so that maybe one day I can do for someone else what she has done for me.