My whole life I have dealt with people and their addictions, whether it be drugs or alcohol, sex or money. I’ve seen it all and more. Today I realized I have several addictions. I am addicted to coffee, music, and pizza. I guess not all addictions are bad.


Note To Self….

This week I realized I can never, ever procrastinate ever again. For the first time I procrastinated writing a 4-6 page paper. I had 3 hours to get quotes from several different choices on a topic write the paper and make a bibliography. By the time I was done, I had about twenty sum odd quotes from 5 different sources and 7 pages worth of words that I just happened to throw together into an essay with only four minutes to spare. I am never going to do that ever again. I thought my brain was going to explode and I was going to pass out.

Beautiful Creatures

I just read Beautiful Creatures. It was such a great book. I’m not into the whole paranormal type of books but it was so interesting. I read the book in about a week, in between work, class, homework, and studying it was just that good. The whole time  every little detail was pretty much a cliff hanger. I didn’t want to put the book down at all it was so good. There are three more books to the series that I am definitely going to get because I want to know what is going to happen. For now I’ll be reading The Maze Runner. Reading has become such a big part in my college life. I used to read occasionally because I did like to read I was just very slow and picky about what I read but ever since I’ve gotten here I’ve been reading about a book a week or so.

Favorite Books

I am a huge reader and I am constantly looking for new authors to read. Some of my all time favorite books have been school books such as How to Kill a Mockingbird, A Catcher in the Rye, and Animal Farm. Something, well, more like someone, who has captured my love for reading has been Ellen Hopkins. Though she writes teen fiction and I am not 100% for it she is the reason why I began loving to read so much. Every single one of her stories has left me in tears. They have left me with something to think about for the future and thinks to relive from my past. It is because of her, even though my life isn’t perfect, that I don’t have it so bad and there is always something left to live for and to look forward to in the future. Her books have given me hope to stay strong and make smarter decisions. I may be a smart girl but being smart doesn’t always lead to smart decisions. She inspired me to write in general, not about teen fiction or any kind of fiction, but about myself and my story so that maybe one day I can do for someone else what she has done for me. 

To New Beginnings

First semester is coming to a close and I’m feeling good. I pick classes tomorrow and I really I hope I can get into all of the ones that I chose. Most of them only had when time available to me so that is a big problem if I can’t get into them. I hope to do better and better as each semester goes by. I want to do better so that I can graduate with high honors, prove to everyone that you can come from nothing and be something. I know i can be something and I am something. New beginnings are more than just turning over a new leaf. It’s turning that leaf over and making it the best, strongest, most promising leaf you can turn. Little caterpillars may try and destroy it but you take your ground and fight each one off until they understand it is your leaf and there is nothing they can do about it. 

Greek Mythology

This year in Greek Mythology has been quite eye opening. Between the battles, both internal and external, has shown how much our world today has changed but also how it still has some similarities. The fighting that Homer showed was between mainly two characters battling it out, in some ways this is the way it is handled today. More so in high school  settings than in the battlefield but it is still handled along the same lines. In the fights Homer would describe he would have two heroes like Achilles and Hector going back and fourth at each other with who they had defeated in the past in order to hype up who they were. The same goes for people today. Though they do not say who they have fought and won against in the past they do things like call each other names in order to bring their opponent down and make them look tougher compared to the other. As well, today women have a lot more power than they did in Homeric times. Homer describes most women as only having power because of who they are married to and because of their beauty, even though it still partially exists today that women are treated differently because of what they look like women today still have far more power and respect.