One By One, They Do Fall

Falling is never something to be ashamed of. Get back up and do something about it. Some never get the chance to fall because they are too well protected. Surrounded by a barrier preventing them from falling. They will never get hurt. Those who do get hurt are the ones with the real protection. The protection that lets you fall but helps you get back up. Protection that gives leniency. The leniency is to better the fallen, have them learn that when you fall you will get scraped. To no longer get scraped means to be more cautious, more responsible. If you continue to fall the barrier will begin to close in more and more till there is no longer any room to breathe. Don’t let the barrier encompass you if you have the room to breath. Don’t let it suffocate you for your mistakes. Prove to the barrier that though you may fall, you always get back up. 

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