The Wild

Living on campus is like living in the jungle. Wild animals howling at all hours of the night. Stampedes down the pathways. Fighting for their land, creating their families. Embarking non their own journeys to find themselves. This jungle is no ordinary jungle, it is beaten down, some of the animals seemed to have gone rabid, I could only wish I were more like a bird with a set of wings to fly, than the little baby lion that I am. We are all only the baby versions of what we are here in this new found jungle, waiting to grow into our grown selves. One day in the future I’ll be the lion but for now I still wish I could fly away. Away from the fighting, away from the rambunctious animals that inhabit this jungle that we live in. For now I’ll be the baby lion that I am, stay out of the way from the other crazy animals…… 

“I just can’t wait to be king”



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