Faith, Love, and Bruins

Taking the Sharp End

As 2010 turned to 2011, Charlestown, MA became our second home. Em received treatments at Dana Farber, and Kevin and Bradley’s guest room became our new home for one week out of every three. It wasn’t home, but it was a comforting second home nonetheless. It was here that I earned my degree (unfortunately not recognized by any governing body) in pharmacology. It was here that I saw first-hand the horrible side effects of the VAC (if you don’t know, be glad you don’t) and learned that the phrase “you’re fine” could cover a range of experiences far beyond what most would deem acceptable. It was here that I learned to have faith.


That winter and spring, the Bruins went from a team to cheer for to a part of our family – a fiber of our being that could not be removed by the simple act of removing…

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